Cardiovascular disorders

Treatment of Ischemic heart disease and severe coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis) with ozone therapy.

The patient suffered from ischemic heart disease 3rd stage and atherosclerotic blockage of all 4 coronary vessels. The patient was diagnosed 16 years ago and had undergone 4 by-pass surgeries.

Around 3 years back the patient on a routine examination, coronary blockages were found to have redeveloped. The patient was advised repeat bypass surgeries, but due to the age of the patient (74 years) at that time and the complexities involved in the procedure, the patient did not.

The patient on advice of a friend came to our institute and presented us with a unique opportunity to help him , the patient was given 12 sessions of high density intravenous ozone therapy at that time, after the session the patient felt better and decided to join our specialized treatment program for atherosclerosis.

In the program the patient was advised to come every 8 months to the institute and receive 10-12 sessions of high density ozone therapy complex with his individual plan.

Satisfied with our first session the patient continued our program with timely analytic study of his vessels.

The results on the present day are that the patient has no blockages in his coronary vessels and has had a completely clear angiographic report.

Letter from the patient:

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