Hepatitis C

A case report: treatment of hepatitis C with ozone therapy

Patient Kupreishvili Alexander aged 42 years old was admitted on the 03/01/2009 with complaints of severe pain in the epigastric and the right hypochondriac region of the abdomen, meteorism, headaches, fatigue, general weakness, dark colored urine, pale stool, loss of appetite, generalized skin rash.

Brief history

The patient was diagnosed with hepatitis C virus infection in January 2004 and the diagnosis was verified with accompanied laboratory blood and immunological analysis, with a positive anti HCV titer. Biochemical tests done at the time of first consultation had SGPT- 150 (N< 42) SGOT – 183 (N<37) and Bilirubin – 23.1 (N<1.1).


On physical examination the patient appeared jaundiced with generalized urticaria. The blood pressure of the patient was 190/100mm Hg. The sclera was bright yellow, the mucus membranes were. The tongue was covered with a thick yellowish coating. The skin of the patient was dry. The oral cavity had a characteristic bile smell. On palpation of the abdomen there is severe pain in the right half of the abdomen. Pain increases with expiration. On performing percussion the liver appeared to be in normal contours.


  • Ringer solution – 500 ml.
  • Ozone therapy – high concentration dosage once a day I.V. in 500 ml normasaline solution.

Daily for 15 days.

This treatment was continued but the ozone therapy was alternated with a gap day in between .i.e. 20 therapies over a 40 day time period.

Result (Bilirubin analysis)

On 03/01/2009 Bilirubin- 23.1 =>
On 09/01/2009 22.1 =>

on 14/01/2009 9.3 =>

on 23/01/2009 4.08 =>

and on 13/02/2009 0.95 {normal =<1.1}

  • Pain was completely relieved in 10 days of treatment initiation.
  • Skin color and Sclera returned to normal by the 20th day of treatment.
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