Colon hydrotherapy

Since the colon hydrotherapy is related to the number of the most effective, safe and universal therapy-prophylactic and health-improvement methods, it found its place of application in cosmetology too. After several sessions the colonic hydrotherapy makes it possible to throw out excess kilograms, improve the state of skin, get rid of different manifestations of allergy, normalize the intestinal micro flora, manage with diseases of female and man sexual spheres, get rid of insomnia, lead into standard digestion, improve the state of organism after different kind of poisonings, restore immunity.

The liquid or mineral water being introduced into the thick gut, exerting temperature, mechanical and chemical influence to the mucous membrane, contributes to improvement in the local blood circulation, to the purification of mucous from the not needed epithelium, mucus, bacteria, toxins and excreta, which in turn, specifies the reduction of the autointoxication of organism. With cleaning of bowels the inflammatory manifestations decrease, the functional activity of thick bowels rises having favorable influence on other organs of digestion, intestinal micro flora is normalized, the work of many organs and systems due to the effect on reflexogenic zones and vegetative nervous system is harmonized.

In our Institute you will be able to consult with the specialized doctor who will answer all your questions, who will be able competently to prepare you and conduct the course of treatment.

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