Acne treatment

For the acne treatment we are using PTF-technology (the newest upgraded from IPL technology) with ozone therapy. The treatment at the local and system levels satisfies the patient and doctor both. The special PTF spectrum of energy penetrates the skin and absorbs by products of metabolism of propionbakterium aсne, as a result of this the release of ferments reaction occurs and respectively the loss of bacteria. The decrease of the secretion of sebaceous glands and the contraction of porous also occurs. The positive action of ozone therapy is built on the therapeutic effect of ozone. And this effect is truly extensive, ozone renders the antipyretic, antibacterial, antiviral, immunomodulating action.

With introduction of ozone, and we use it as under skin so intravenous injection, the cellular immunity is activated, blood circulation in the problematic zones is activated, its own antioxidant protection of cells is stimulated, besides this, ozone acts on the secret of sebaceous gland, making its less dense and easily removed. Because of ozone the resolution of scar changes are accelerated.

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