Photo rejuvenation

Beautiful face is a major factor of confidence in a strong woman. Why let anything, small or big stand in the way? Dark pigment spots, scars, small wrinkles, tracks from the pimples and the vascular mesh, make unattractive the skin of the face, neck and area of décolleté, thus create many unnecessary problems. It is possible to solve rapidly and effectively the problem of the skin with the help of contemporary professional cosmetology. The procedure of photo-rejuvenation is one of such solutions.

Photo-rejuvenation – is one of the revolutionary methods, which make possible "to renew" the skin and to eliminate its defects without disturbance of the integrity of skin (without injections and "suspenders" surgery). In contrast to other procedures,photo-rejuvenation relates to non-traumatic and injection-free methods for skin defects correction. The possitive effect is achieved by means of the light beam which smoothly slides along the skin and favorably influences on its layers.

The visible effect of the photo-rejuvenation procedure, appears already after 3 procedures, and after the study of course, small wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin rejuvenates, it rises its tone and elasticity, the pores are shrink , color is improved and the tone of face is equalized, the defects of skin (pigment spots, freckles, vascular formations) are eliminated decreasing dryness and feeling of "tightening", the lifting effect appears.

The sessions of photo-rejuvenation are conducted both on face and hands, neck, zone of décolleté. The duration of procedure does not exceed 30 minutes. This is important for women and men who follow the active way of live, whose day is planed literally on minutes: You obtain striking result in short time.

Indications for photo-rejuvenation conduction:

  • Pigment changes - brown spots, lentigo , freckles, melazma, "the fading" of the skin dependent on age, reduction in tone;
  • wrinkles;
  • rosaceous (extended blood vessels);
  • porosity of the skin;
  • general aging of the skin;
  • rehabilitation after cosmetic procedures.

For achievement of a maximally expressed effect from this procedure we propose you to combine it with such already customary procedures such as Virtual mesotherapy and RF-Lifting.

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