Virtual mesotherapy

Virtual Mesotherapy is a new technology that is based on the innovative Photo-Electroporation technique, (the harmonious blending of electroporation and photoporation) ,for applying of active ingredients and enhancing results in multiple of facial and body treatments. Electroporation consists of  medium-frequency of low modulated currents that cause the micropores of the cell membrane to temporarily open, and  thus passing the epidermal barrier and enabling the absorption of  the active ingredients through the skin. Photoporation improves the results enhancing the micropores opening by electrical current.

This is a non-invasive, painless procedure, and due to this, effective results are obtained by the application of active products, without the drawbacks of traditional mesotherapy. The PSP System includes 5 treatment programs associated with active ingredients which , when combined with the different LED light colours (red, blue and green), allows to customize the treatments to precisely meet the needs of the client.

  • CelluActif: body cellulite treatment;
  • LipoActif: body treatment, obesity and localized fatty deposits;
  • ToneActif: body firming treatment;
  • LissActif: body treatment for stretch marks and scars;
  • DermActif: antiaging effect facial treatment.

The results and benefits are:

  • Elimination of cellulite;
  • Reduction of fatty deposits;
  • Body shaping;
  • Reduction of edema;
  • Firms up of skin: breasts, buttocks, inner arms, etc;
  • Regeneration of tissue;
  • Reduction of stretch marks and scars;
  • Reduction of skin aging signs: wrinkles, expression lines, etc;
  • Transdermal application (non invasive) of active ingredients through Photo-Electroporation.

Virtual mesotherapy is a technique of using injections to give you a non-surgical face lift. It can reduce wrinkles around the neck, upper chest and the chin area, resulting in a tighter, smoother and younger appearance.

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