RF lifting

The newest non-surgical method that fights age, wrinkles and loose skin. It gives the possibility to considerably rejuvenate women without surgery,  complications and the long rehabilitative periods that come with surgery.

The latest discovery became active in usage of radio frequencies in cosmetology (RF).

RF-technology is based on the action of high-frequency electric field with the purpose to adequate warm up derma. The appearance of thermal effect activates, strengthens the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, which ensures the steadfast effect of skin rejuvenation. It improves the elasticity and reduces the length and depth of wrinkles. In contrast to other thermal procedures (IPL, lasers, the sources of infrared radiation), the epidermis and muscular tissue do not get hot.

RF-lifting has immediate effect caused due to moderate dermal edema and controls thermo-reduction. The collagen fibers of the skin thus, stimulate compensating mechanisms including the proliferation of fibroblasts, an increase of the local blood supply (vasodilatation and hyperemia) and the accelerated production of neocollagen.

RF-lifting gives good results by correcting the face, area around the eyes, neck. The procedure is effective for the area of decollte, hands, stomach, thighs (treatment of stretch marks). It also reduces the effect of the “skin that hangs", the flabbiness of skin. Most of all radio-frequency procedures are recommended to patients against the elasticity seen with loss and hardness of facial outline and neck. The thin wrinkles are rather effective treated in the near-eye socket area.

Advantages of RF-lifting first of all are:

  • noninvasive;
  • non- traumatic;
  • absence of anesthesia;
  • absence of complications and side effect;
  • complete compatibility with other procedures;
  • retention effect up to 2 years;
  • the procedure is performed once in 10-15 days so limits your time.
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