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The market of beauty industry today is very big and still increasing. The market enhances new methods and this gives better chances to reach to the desired results. Nevertheless, there are a complex selection of methods infront of us. Which one shall we believe? Where shall we go? Which method shall we select and which will precisely suit us? These are questions which many times confuse us.

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The Department of aesthetical medicine of The Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, has the newest technologies, thus offering the best results, safety and comfort.

Specifically, a professioanl team of doctors have developed complex procedures for the treatment of cellulite, correction of excess weight and created anti-age qualified programs.

We are a medical establishment. Therefore you will always be able to get the qualified consultation of the doctor. We will help to solve your problems by ways that are most suitable for you from a professional point of view.

RF Lifting

  • Firming of loose skin (face, neck, decolte, hands, abdomen, legs, buttocks)
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Anti-ageing and against expression wrinkles (e.g. around the eyes, around the mouth, forehead)
  • Safe, without any side effects. Without the need of injections or anesthesia
  • The results last for more than 2 years.
  • Ideal for any type of skin, for women and men that want to look younger.

Virtual PSP mesotherapy (non-injective)

  • Fat loss
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Elimination of post surgical scars and strias
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin, for increasing skin tone and elasticity;
  • Anti-Ageing program
  • For application on the body and face.
  • Painless and without any side effects.

Magic Slim (soft laser, infrared rays, vacuum massage)

  • Fat loss, visible reduction in cm
  • Improves cellulite and orange peel
  • Tightening and lifting of the skin
  • Systemic lymph drainage
  • For sculpturing of the body, painless and without any side effects

Hydro colon therapy (Colonic Hydrotherapy)

  • Cleans the intestines deeply, which is the most effective way for removal of toxins and microbes from the organism.
  • It offers well-being, beauty and long life.By removing the maximum amount of toxins and stones from the intestines, within a few procedures, colonic hydrotherapy helps excess weight to be removed as well (usually around 5kg).
  • Helps to improve skin condition, to avoid different allergic manifestations, to normalize the intestinal flora, manage with female and male chronic pudendum diseases, normalize the digestion and restore immunity.

Ozone therapy against Cellulite

  • Special Injections are applied subcutaneously and ozon is pumped inside the skin. Oxygenation of the cells is done, therefore helps to dissolve fat and cellulite.
  • This method is the optimal addition to the existing anti cellulitie programs (Magic Slim, Virtual Mesotherapy) and enables to achieve maximal positive effect.

Specialized department for face and eye treatments

  • Deep facial cleansing
  • Biological facial cleansing
  • Face lifting with specialized products
  • Eye therapy with collagen
  • Anti-wrinkle therapy
  • Treatments for oily skin
  • Treatments with AHA, seaweeds and vitamins
  • Specialized therapies for Acne scars

Specialized department for body treatments

  • Deep Cleansing of the back (Acne)
  • Cryotherapy
  • Thermotherapy
  • Special procedures for cellulite and weight loss

PTF Phototherapy

  • Skin rejuvenation: collagen enhancement, shrinking of pores, toning of skin.
  • Inflammatory acne treatment, such as papule, tuber, blain or cyst.
  • Improves pigmentation problems: sunburns, freckles, age spots.
  • Improves broken capillary signs: red face, rosacea.

Hair Removing (PTF-Phototherapy)

  • The latest and most secure technology
  • Quick and painless hair removing procedure for the unwanted hairs of face and body
  • Without any side effects on the body and the organism
  • Ideal for women as well as men

Hair removal with EPILAR

  • The new and unique product in the world that inhibits the re-growth of hair by destroying the hair follicle, without any side effects. It is totally secure (checked by the FDA of America). With only few procedures, all undesirable hair will be removed forever.
  • This is the only method which enables to remove hairs of different colour and structure e.g.white, soft hairs


  • Lifting (face and body)
  • Firming/Toning (buttocks, breasts, loose skin)
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Lipolysis
  • Relieving of stretch marks
  • Anti-wrinkle therapy
  • Electric analgesia
  • Electroacupuncture
  • Eliminates broken capillaries

Specialized Massage departement

  • Stone massage (with hot and cold stones)
  • Relaxing
  • Physiotherapeutic
  • Thai
  • Energetic (Reiki)
  • Reflexology
  • Anti-cellulite

Sleep therapy

  • The therapy, which helps to fight insomnia and adjust any type of sleep disturbances


  • The optimal anti-stress method, that is invented for maximal relaxation


  • Scientific analytical picture of fat and cellulite

Our center also offers professional beauty treatments

  • Professional make up
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Nails: Acrylic, Gel
  • Waxing

Experienced doctors, nurses and beauticians supervise and take care of customers.

This center was formed to carry the needs of medical esthetic that many beauty centers couldn’t offer in Cyprus. We did our best to harmonically incorporate the latest technologies with maximum level of comfort and safety.

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