Diagnostic base

The diagnostic base of the Institute comprises the following methods:

  • Thermography - the advanced and absolutely harmless method of diagnostics based on the detection of thermal attributes where pathological process is present.
  • Pulse diagnostics-a method that early displays pathological processes in an organism.
  • Encephalography - Allows doctors to observe changes that occur in the brain. It’s very exact in finding the level of defect, and enables to full estimate its characteristics. It’s better than the old encephalography methods because it’s a modern apparatus, more specific, based on the old traditional encephalography.
  • Rheoencephalography – it registrates by graph the changes that occur in the brain tissue conductivity, caused by vascular factors.
  • Electroneuromyography -a method the functions of nerves and muscles.
  • Rheovazography-a method used for examining the circulatory system, blood supply of the brain and other organs.
  • Electrocardiography and "cardiovisor" - methods for investigating the heart structure and function.

Thermovisor - the device for definition of thermal attributes of pathological process.
The device for electroencephalogram allows to see the changes occuring in a brain.
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