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Victory over the virus. (New method of therapy of herpes zoster)

The pathogen – virus varicella-zoster can be found in the nerve-centers in all of us which is activated when the organism is weak. In the majority of cases such areas of the body as breast, belly and face are affected. The infected areas are inching and the patients suffer from pain; along the nerves some bladders can be observed. The patients are suffering till the organism passes through all the phases of the disease, that is not less than two weeks and only in case if new instances of rush do not come out.

Before the Ozone Therapy, very expensive anti-virus medicines used to be used. The courses of medical treatment were to be repeated even after recovering. But the major disadvantage of such therapies is the fact they are quite toxic and may lead to dysfunction in liver and kidneys functioning.

Our Institute has used the Ozone Therapy even in cases of severe infections, including the cases of Herpes lesions. The Ozone Therapy may be considered to be one of the best and the safest way of treatment of this disease. In some cases this is the only way to help patients who are not advised the traditional therapy – pregnant women, people who suffer from liver and kidneys dysfunctions, diabetes, cardiovascular problems. Only Ozone can kill the virus – destroying the diaphragm of the pathogen.

Actively forms compounds with other products of the vital activity, (including toxins) – and this way neutralizing them. The side effects of the Ozone Therapy are minimal, and being accompanied by some medicines, the results are even more reinforced. So, the duration of the illness becomes shorter, the pain syndrome is not that severe, new instances of rush do not come out.

Methods of the Ozone Therapy include the input of intravenous Ozone enriched solutions and placing the patients into special cameras where the Ozone of appropriate concentration is supplied. In other cases the oil enriched with Ozone may be applied on the affected areas.

So, we can conclude that the present day medicine possesses a new method of safety and effective therapy. The Ozone Therapy has been found to be effective in treatment of other virus diseases.

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