Carboxytherapy Overview

Carboxytherapy is a subcutaneous treatment that uses Carbon Dioxide. 

The CO2 is inserted subcutaneously, forcing the body to draw in large amounts of oxygen to the area injected, thereby improving blood and oxygen circulation. To explain, the body works with energy which is fueled by oxygen which then creates carbon dioxide as a waste product. 

The process

The oxygen we breathe is absorbed by our red blood cells, which travel throughout the body in search of cells, to provide oxygen in order to perform their functions.  

When high levels of carbon dioxide are encountered by these blood cells, they feed the cells with oxygen and take the carbon dioxide in which is then exhaled by our lungs. 

We then breathe in more oxygen and the whole process starts again. In essence, carboxytherapy tricks the body, by increasing the amount of oxygen to parts of the body where it is injected promoting cell activity, and in turn it speeds up the healing process or the production of new cells, to regenerate the area. 


  It is mainly used to help treat arthritis,skin ulcers, thrombosis, psoriasis, asthma, impotence, stretch marks, and it is also very effective in antiaging treatments.