Electronic Physiotherapy

Electronic Physiotherapy Overview

Electronic Physiotherapy includes a set of procedures and treatments which are based on the direct effect of electric currents on the human body. 

It is a very powerful combination of treatments that are able to treat muscle and joint pain, as well as stimulating internal organs using special health schemes. 

Our institute has over thirty years of experience with electronic physiotherapy.

The main element of electronic physiotherapy is the use of electronic muscles stimulation. During electrophoresis, medical solutions are introduced to the body through the skin, allowing the treatment of a patient’s lesions with minimal toxicity. This treatment is using Electro-stimulation which is organ stimulation using electric currents.

We are constantly improving our treatments and we are bringing the latest medical technologies in order to provide our patients with the best service. 

Regarding electronic physiotherapy, we are introducing two effective equipment that will help patients in their rehabilitation stage. The equipment are the Walking Simulator and the Smart Glove.

Walking Simulator 

The walker simulator allows the assistance of the hands movements to synchronously guide the patient’s moves. 

The hands are the support for the lower limbs, whose movement has become limited or difficult. Essentially this helps the patient to hold an upward position, and by moving the hands the lower limbs begin to move, which is why the walking is simulated and thus stimulates the limbs to move by exercising joints and muscles. Simultaneously, the back muscles and torso are retrained to move using the rotational movement. 

It can be used for patients that have injured the upper thoracic and cervical spinal cord. It provides support, located at the chest level. With the help of an instructor and the walker simulator the patient can take the vertical position necessary to performing rehabilitative exercises. 

It is designed for comfortable verticalization of the patient which is one position and the second position is mobile. This makes it possible to rotate the pelvis or thorax to develop an actual walking stereotype. The device can be adjusted to suit the patients comfort and improve their stature as necessary. 

Smart Glove

The brain uses specific parts for specific body parts to function. After a stroke or severe brain trauma, the body may become unable to function as it did previously. In these cases where the patients' brain has been affected and part paralysis has occurred, we use the innovative Smart Glove.  Smart Glove is a device used for human-computer interaction. Various sensor technologies are used to capture physical data. The glove is wrapped around the patient's hand and the movement and the position sensors are recording data from the fingers and the wrists. 

It is used to strengthen the muscles in the hands and arms by creating new points in the brain that will develop and control the physical movement. 

It does so by using a set of interactive exercises which are selected, depending on the patient's capabilities and goals. This innovative technology can be used to improve any patient's condition such as partial paralysis, muscular dystrophy, damage to the brain and spinal cord, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and to improve the hands coordination. 

In combination to the Walker and the Glove, our Institution uses an array of therapies in conjunction with each other to suit the patient as best as possible and to reach the ultimate desired effect possible.