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Hepatitis C Treatment (1 case study)

Treatment of Hepatitis C with ozone therapy

Herpes Zoster (2 case studies)

Treatment of Herpes Zoster with Ozone Therapy

Cardiovascular Disorder (1 case study)

Treatment of Ischemic heart disease and severe coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis) with ozone therapy.

Cirrhosis (1 case study)

Treatment of Alcoholic Hepatitis with ozone therapy.

Liver Diseases (1 case study)

Treatment of Toxic Hepatitis with ozone therapy

Gangrene (3 case studies)

Treatment of Diabetic Ulcers and Gangrene with Complex therapy Surgery and Ozone Therapy

Diabetes - Amputation (2 case studies)

Treatment of diabetic angiopathy (diabetic foot, ulcers and gangrene) with ozone therapy.