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Ozone therapy. Treatment without a scalpel.

When medicine began to use Ozone as a medical treatment, it has obtained the opportunity to treat purulent wounds. Ozone possesses the ability to kill viruses, microbes, fungus and other kinds of pathogen organisms. Activating the tissue processes, Ozone Therapy stimulates healing and improves the microcirculation. 

Treating patients suffering from diabetes, arthrosclerosis, and thrombosis of the peripheral vessels is a separate issue. Our Institute works with patients who suffer chronically from ulcers, stomach ulcers, gangrene and amputation. We work with Ozone, which cleanses the vessels from ‘grease and fat’ – in effect redistributing the blood circulation in the affected areas. Other ways of treatment are not effective in some cases due to the vessels remaining full of fat, or even become obstructed.

In our Institute we combine traditional clinical practice with intravenous Ozone enriched solutions. (At the same time the affected area is placed into special plastic camera where the Ozone and Oxygen mixture of proper concentration is supplied. Ozone kills the pathogenic micro flora and purifies the vessels nourishing suffering from necrosis.)

This alternative to surgery offers patients the opportunity to be free of infection without the trauma of surgery.

The method of Ozone therapy has no contraindications, and it is painless for the patients. The blood analyses of people suffering from diabetes show that the sugar level improves and the degree of severity of affected nerves and vessels become milder.