Lyme Disease and Tick-Born Encephalitis.


These diseases are developing when viruses or microbes entering the body together with “tick’s saliva” during the bite. 

The symptoms of all bitten patients in Russia, Australia and the US are very similar, fact that allows us to assume that the agents belong to the same group (species) of microbes and viruses. For some reason in Australia, Lyme disease is not officially acknowledged. It can be assumed that the virus, which is present somewhere, obviously remains unnoticed. This is because pharmaceutical companies are unable to offer us efficient anti-virus therapy yet.


Symptoms depend on the degree of body damage, and they affect almost all organs and systems in the human body. 

The Symptoms of the damaged nervous system are: headache and spinal pain and then pain in limbs, abdomen and back muscles. It is characterized by acute weakness, state of depression, concentration loss, dizziness, stomach upset, etc. This condition is getting worse every year, leading to disablement and premature death.


The classical treatment includes antibiotics, that provide  patient with temporary relief. (Nobody is mentioning about the virus, since there is no cure for it yet.). We have applied a relatively new and, as experience shows, efficient technique in our medical centre. The treatment is combining stiff doses of intravenous ozone with intravenous laser irradiation. The results turned out to be more efficient than we expected. Considerable improvement of patient’s health, pain abatement (it disappeared completely in some areas), up to 50% increased power in limbs and in the back (checked by a dynamometer), and total absence of Borrelia in blood tests.

Post-Treatment and Rehabilitation

After the treatment, the individual should go through rehabilitation  to help the damaged body parts regain their health. It follows a number of phases, depending on the damage and the condition of the patient. A patient in rehabilitation should:

  • Keep high blood oxygen rates (not less than 95-96).
  • Drink water ozonators and liquefied oxygen. 
  • Undergo hyperbaric therapy, no more than once a month (if health condition allows it, since there are so many contraindications to it). 
  • Do remedial gymnastics, physical therapy, diet and sleeping schedule. 
  • Take B vitamins, multivitamins, medicine that normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract (enzymes, probiotics, and drugs for cleansing the intestine). Almost all patients have intestine nervous system disorder due to this disease, therefore patients have constipation and cramps). 
  • Visit the restroom at least once perday. 
  • Do exercises that stimulate the intestinal motility to medical drugs and enema.

The rehabilitation period lasts up to three years and longer.