Herpes zoster. Treatment of lingering and chronic forms.


The pathogen – virus varicella-zoster can be found in the nerve-centers in all of us which is activated when the organism is weak. In the majority of cases areas of the body such as breast, belly and face are affected. The infected areas are inching and the patients suffer from pain; along the nerves some bladders can be observed. 

As we know, treatment of the acute and chronic form of this disease is carried out according to the standard scheme (“Virusid” drug, plus corticosteroids and B vitamins). 

But what happens when the patient’s condition is not getting better and the prognosis is not positive? 

Such patients suffer from excruciating pain that does not subside from taking strong painkillers (in many cases they get addicted to narcotic and semi-narcotic drugs, which can lead to suicide attempts and using big quantities of alcohol.)

In brief, life becomes intolerable because of this disease. If herpes zoster is on the face, it will become a nightmare. A patient cannot open his eyes or his mouth, and the pain is unbearable. 


The only treatment that always ends up with good results is ozone therapy (in most cases all symptoms disappear within one, two or three months). Ozone is very efficient and quick method for killing a virus. Today, more than 200 patients (29 Cypriots) were fully treated by our specialists and were recovered within a short period. 

So, we can conclude that the present day medicine possesses a new method of safety and effective therapy. The Ozone Therapy has been found to be effective in treatment of herpes zoster virus.