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Lyme Disease and Tick-Born Encephalitis.

These diseases are developing when viruses or microbes entering the body together with “tick’s saliva” during the bite. The symptoms of all bitten patients in Russia, Australia and the US are very similar, fact that allows us to assume that the agents belong to the same group (species) of microbes and viruses.

How Ozone help cancer patients during treatment.

The principle of “alternative medicine” is combining two phases. The first hits the tumour cells directly, wherever they are located. The second takes into consideration the possible changes in the medium indices of the organism that cause the death of cancer cells, without influencing the activity of healthy cells.

Treatment of diabetic angiopathy and diabetic foot.

During our 18 years of working with ozone, more than 3000 patients with diabetic angiopathy  have received their treatment from us. Diabetic angiopathy is an invertible process that is caused by  long-term diabetes or by high blood sugar rates due to fat that is accumulated in vessels of a small diameter in the course of diabetes, until they are fully blocked.  

Herpes zoster. Treatment of lingering and chronic forms.

The pathogen – virus varicella-zoster can be found in the nerve-centers in all of us which is activated when the organism is weak. In the majority of cases such areas of the body as breast, belly and face are affected.

Ozone Therapy: a Powerful Therapeutic Tool with Multi-layered Healing Properties

Medical Ozone therapy is safe, non-toxic and acts at various levels of the organism to stimulate the body’s own immunity and directly destroy pathogens, viruses and bacteria therefore aiding in the restoration of balance.

AIDS can be combated by ozone!

AIDS or Ebola virus are much easier to kill than other viruses. (For instance, different viruses of acute respiratory diseases, influenza, etc. are cured during two-four days; we believe that both AIDS and Ebola will die within a week.

Chronic hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis – are chronic inflammatory dystrophic diffusive injures of liver of different nature, which have lasted for more than six months and are characterised by different degree of necrosis of the liver cells. Such injures are not characterised by the dysfunction in the segmental and vessel structure of the liver, which may be identified by astern autonomic, dyspeptic or hole static syndromes or their combination.


Diabetes Mellitus (when the term diabetes is used alone, it always refers to diabetes mellitus) is a condition in which the body is unable to use sugar properly. Sugar (carbohydrate) is the substance our body uses as its major source of energy. Once this sugar is absorbed in the blood, it is referred to as blood sugar or blood glucose.


Development of aquachelate micro elements complexes and biologically active food supplements; food products and drinks improving the organism resistance, increasing functionality of various organs and tissues, activating regeneration processes and preventing early ageing.


Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves inserting very thin needles through a person's skin at specific points on the body, to various depths.