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Gerontology. How to be young and healthy.


The main goal of our institute is the extension of the active stage of life for each individual. Everybody knows that if you want to live long and happily, you should lead an active life, eat healthily and always stay in good mood. 

But what about the people who are sick, or mentally weak (stress, constipation, bad mood, insomnia, etc.)? For these situations, we offer:

  • Consultation from experienced specialists.
  • Innovative and unique therapies and equipment.
  • Constant control over the vital signs of our patients.
  • Reliable diagnostic and treatment base.
  • Affordable prices.

Groups of diseases:

  1. Light forms and borderline conditions (easy to cure, easy to regulate within a short time (up to one year).
  2. Moderate diseases, however, there is a chance to cure them during a long time (up to five years).
  3. Grave or completely incurable diseases (require more than five years).

Both in the first and the second case, after the cure is achieved, each patient which is participating in the programme of body rejuvenation, will be given a personal “roadmap” that will contain clear recommendations and the description of the final goal for several years.

During the whole rejuvenation period, the patient is under observation of specialist who adjust the map, if necessary, helping to bring all the little diversions back to norm (stated in the “road map”).
The process is supervised by experienced doctors (physicians, neurologist, and dermatologists).
The chief of the department is a doctor of medical Sciences, regenerative medicine and Scientific Director of the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Dr. Nicoletta Nikolenco.

Since the third group includes serious patients, the aim here is to slow down the disease as much as possible, and, if the situation allows, to follow a partial rejuvenation scheme. 

The most important factor of this category is the strengthening of the body, in order for the patient to continue leading active life, and to have an opportunity to work until retirement, if the situation allows.